Monday, 19 November 2012

Hey guys,
We are starting this fashion blog where we will be blogging about trends, clothes and how to make your own accessories, etc. We will also be helping you with any fashion dilemmas you may have, for example a party you have been invited to and you have nothing to wear. If you would like us to plan an outfit for you or help you out then you should get in touch with us by e-mailing:
we will then post a response on our blog as soon as we possibly can.
Also, during the busy period leading up to Christmas, we are willing to help with gift ideas, you should get in touch with us, by contacting the e-mail above. To get the best out of the gift ideas service, you can answer the below points in your e-mail:

Gender of person you are buying for,
Age group (e.g. under 5, teenager, etc.)
Maximum you wish to spend,
& any addition information you think will help us find the best ideas for you.

Any shout outs on Twitter in exchange for advice, would be much appreciated. :)

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